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FadCast Episode 24

Episode Breakdown:

POOYA: You are listening to FilmFad.Com’s FadCast: episode 24
RYAN: With special guest, canine expert & aspiring thespian, Lisa Wu
POOYA: Today we’ll delve into an in-depth discussion on Our Favorite Animated Disney Classics
RYAN: And dish about Deadpool with the latest Ryan Reynolds tweet
POOYA: You’ll hear all that and more, So let’s get started.

(Intro Music break)

Deadpool Mask Reveal (~7min)
• Ryan Reynolds reveals his Deadpool mask
• Discussion of the next Deadpool film

Favorite Disney Animated Films (~31min)
• Discussion of our favorite Disney Animated films

(Outro Music break)

Check out Lisa Wu here:

Be sure to check out Lisa’s page at https://www.facebook.com/LisaYuNungWu and her Pet service Wags Unlimited at https://www.facebook.com/WagsUnlimitedLLC