The trailer for the adventure/thriller “Everest” has arrived with a star-studded cast!

Based on a true story, “Everest” centers around individuals caught in a harsh storm during a climbing expedition on Mt. Everest. The film is filled with many big names like Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, and Josh Brolin. “Everest” even includes House of Cards stars Robin Wright and Michael Kelly! Take a look at the thrilling trailer below!

This is the kind of adventure film that has me intrigued. For one, it’s based on a true story and secondly it plays on the inspiring theme of “man versus nature.” While I’m not sure how well the plot will play out, I think the visuals will be stunning and captivate audiences on a large scale with the added thrill of adventure and suspense.

Of the cast listed, I have to say that I tend to enjoy a lot of Jake Gyllenhaal films as of late. While the other cast members like Josh Brolin and Jason Clarke also have me intrigued, it’s Michael Kelly that probably has me the most interested. I love his character on “House of Cards” and think that his brilliant performance on that series has caught the eye of many and also is what transformed his character into such an integral role. While he may be a few notches down on IMDB’s credited cast, I’m looking forward to see his role in “Everest” in order to see him further explore his range as an actor.

Overall I think the trailer has me excited from a visual perspective but I also feel that there may be some hidden attributes of the film that may surprise us. I wouldn’t disregard it as just another adventure/thriller just yet. Let’s wait and see what happens once the film hits theaters this fall.

What do you think of the trailer for “Everest?”