Entourage Movie

The “Entourage” movie trailer his here and looks AWESOME!

For fans of the HBO series “Entourage,” your dreams have come to fruition. The trailer for the “Entourage” movie has released and it seems to pick up right where the series ended. Take a look at the trailer below!

Many fans were disappointed with the ending of “Entourage” as it seemed to leave some things open ended and honestly abrupt. The ending seemed reminiscent of the “Wayne’s World” mega happy ending where the characters all got what they wanted but there was no closure in regards to some storylines. With that said, I think that this trailer looks awesome and seems to continue the career of Vincent Chase showing him grow by opening with a trailer for his next Blockbuster film. Ari (Jeremy Piven) also seems to go back to his normal personality and possibly a bit amplified which many fans will enjoy. With the same characters and new jokes, I think this film will be a must see for fans of the “Entourage” series!

Entourage will release in Summer of 2015. Will you be there?