Emmys 2015 Spoilers

The 2015 Emmys have fans in an uproar after their tribute to TV series finales.

The 2015 Emmys may have a lot of apologies coming Monday morning after their spoiler filled tribute to the television series finales. For some reason their tribute included the final scenes in the final episodes of many popular TV shows including “Parenthood,” “Boardwalk Empire,” and “Sons of Anarchy” to name a few. Even the host Andy Samberg had negative things to say about the tribute.

“Welcome back to the spoiler awards…I guess every one on every show died.”
-Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg wasn’t the only one complaining about the spoilers (I was screaming as well!). Many were tweeting their dissatisfaction with the reveals as well as Andy Samberg’s former SNL castmate Vanessa Bayer.

Maybe the Emmys are not yet accustomed to today’s streaming viewers. Many of the shows that viewers did not get to experience during the time of airing are now experienced through multiple platforms. Services like Netflix have become a staple in TV audiences’ lives. But even before the rise of streaming services, TV series released on digital formats have been around for over 2 decades. With that said, it’s a surprise that the Emmys thought spoilers were acceptable during their presentation.

Regardless of their reasoning, many fans are upset with the Emmys and the social media outrage will probably continue through tomorrow. In addition to the fans, it will be interesting to see if the respective networks and other outlets will be upset about the revealing details of their shows. I’m sure that more details will be revealed tomorrow and as previously said, there will most likely be an apology from the Emmys about their presentation. I for one am a bit upset about this reveal as I am heavily invested in “Parenthood” at the moment. Maybe the Emmys should research internet etiquette.

What shows were spoiled for you?