The next Dragon Ball Z movie trailer is here and looks awesome!

We previously saw the first trailer for the upcoming “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F” but it was not in English and it was about a minute long. Now we have the official release of the trailer for the new film in English and it’s over two minutes long. Check out the trailer below for “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F” and see as Frieza is resurrected along with a new final form!

It’s not a spoiler that Goku reached a new Super Saiyan God level in the last film titled “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.” It’s also probably no surprise that Goku attains some sort of new power in most ever “Dragon Ball” film, but this time around his new level is a mystery. Frieza on the other hand is not so much a mystery. In this trailer for “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F,” we see Frieza go into a new form which sort of resembles a Super Saiyan with his gold tone. From the looks of things, this battle seems to be a lot more epic as things seem a bit more reminiscent to the original Frieza saga. The entire team is fighting off Frieza’s forces while Goku and Frieza seem to be going at it again like we saw on Planet Namek. Goku seems to be overwhelmed by Frieza but then we see him take on some new form of his own. At the end of the trailer we see Goku emerge from some sort of crystalized shell and sport a new blue look. I guess we’ll have to wait until the film’s release in August to see what that’s all about!

I have some final thoughts on this. Can we please see Vegeta take the lead for once? We’ve seen Goku come out on top as the savior so many times and if it wasn’t Goku then it was Gohan, if it wasn’t Gohan then it was Trunks (adult), if it wasn’t Trunks…you get the idea. The only Saiyan that hasn’t contributed to being a true savior has been Vegeta and he trains his butt off! I realize that Goku is Dragon Ball’s Superman but can you at least throw the Vegeta fans a bone? Give him one movie where he’s the star…please.

Are you excited for the new Dragon Ball Z film? What do you think Goku’s next level will be?