Batman V Superman

A new “Batman V Superman” trailer appears on Jimmy Kimmel and it is awesome!

Right after short teaser that had us going wild, Jimmy Kimmel is the source for another new Batman V Superman video. This time it is a full trailer which should have a much larger impact. Take a look below.

In this trailer we really get a look at the men behind the masks. So far we’ve seen Superman at war with Batman but now we see more of the politics behind the war. Not only do we see Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne at odds with each other but we also see Lex Luthor injecting himself into the debate.

After the discussions and disagreements have settled, we finally get the big reveal at the end. That’s right, Doomsday is finally confirmed as the final villain and we get to see the trio of superheroes taking him on. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all stand together as Doomsday comes plowing through.

As expected, it looks like Michael Shannon’s General Zod will be the source of Doomsday. They don’t explain how he is the source but it is definitely insinuated with the unzipping of the body bag and then the quick transition to showing Doomsday emerge.

Now that the “cat’s out of the bag,” I’m wondering what people will think. Will there be too many characters for this film or is this a superhero extravaganza that we have been waiting for? We can only wait until 2016 to determine if we’ll get the movie we deserve and for now we’ll just have to settle for the trailers!

What do you think of this new “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” trailer? Has it changed your mind about the film at all?