Cinderella Horse

The full trailer for Disney’s “Cinderella” is here!

Yesterday we got the appetizer and now we have the main course. On “Good Morning America” today, they released the full trailer for Disney’s “Cinderella” and now we have it here. Take a look at the trailer below and tell us your thoughts.

Disney definitely seems to be stepping up their game. The trailer has the usual Disney flair but crosses that border of “family only” with more dramatic moments. From what we can see thus far, this version of “Cinderella” seems to capture more of the adult drama that we haven’t seen in the animated film. With Cate Blanchett attached, the film has already established credibility for the adult audience and Helena Bonham Carter should establish the magic for the rest. I also think that Lily James will please many in the starring role of Cinderella as she appears to be a rising star in Hollywood.

“Cinderella” is slated for release in March 2015. Are you excited to see it?