Cooties Rainn Wilson Elijah Wood

‘Cooties’ unites Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson in a zombie comedy about kids!

Wow this is a truly unique horror-comedy. “Cooties” is the combined vision of Glee writer Ian Brennan and writer of the “Saw” series Leigh Whannell. After that you combine actors Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson along with “30 Rock’s” Jack McBrayer and you have quite the comedy team. Check out the trailer below to see why these kids are all “zombified!”

The premise alone makes “Cooties” worth a watch. Making the cafeteria chicken nuggets the cause of the kids’ “cooties” that spreads and makes them zombies is just a hilarious concept. Then corrupting the innocence of children by making them monsters adds a common horror dynamic that instead transforms into a comedy element.

Rainn Wilson is my prediction to be the highlight of this film. Outside of his popularity on “The Office,” he’s actually a very credible actor and knows how to do comedy well. He can blend slapstick comedy with dramatic elements so he should be the best fit for this diverse film. The other actors should fit well but I do believe that Wilson will be leading the pack into their roles.

Overall this film has me intrigued with its diverse writers, actors, and strange premise. Pitting teachers against their pre-pubescent students is something that we haven’t seen before and the mixture of horror and comedy has the potential to make this a cult classic. “Cooties” has a lot of viewer potential even if it turns out to be a dud. But my opinion is that it will be an enjoyable ride that will be either good or considered as “horribly good.”

“Cooties” hits theaters and demand on September 18, 2015.

What do you think? Will you be seeing “Cooties?” Are you excited for the film?