Community Season 6 -

The “Community Season 6” first trailer is here!

Community Season 6 premieres on March 17, 2015 but today is the first day we get an actual trailer for the show. In the trailer we see an Avengers: Age of Ultron type mockery as well as the introduction to two new characters. Take a look at the trailer below.

Like I’ve previously said, it does make me worry that so many members of the cast have been dropping. Abed is not the same without Troy (Donald Glover) and they were probably the highlights of the show towards its cancellation. Jeff, Brita, and Annie have their moments but overall most of the laughs were held by the team bouncing off of each other. With pairs being split and the team dynamic fading, I just hope that the new additions can bring that dynamic back.

Oh and don’t forget about Chang! I truly hope they work him more into the cast for season 6 because he is definitely an underrated laugh.

What do you think? Will Community Season 6 be a hit?