Comet Emmy Rossum Justin Long

Emmy Rossum & Justin Long star in this abstract love story titled “Cosmic.”

Emmy Rossum pairs with Justin Long in this trailer for “Cosmic.” “Cosmic” tells the tale of an unlikely couple’s relationship set in a parallel universe. It seems to follow the theme of “opposites attract” intertwined with a star crossed sense of love. Take a look at the trailer below.

The trailer for “Cosmic” is a bit reminiscent of films like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “The Fountain,” and may other odd sci-fi love stories. In the indie realm, sci-fi mixed with love tends to do very well and I’m expecting “Cosmic” to do the same. It’s a unique story with two recognizable faces. Emmy Rossum has made a name for herself with her hit Showtime series “Shameless” and Justin Long was more recently seen in the Kevin Smith film “Tusk.”

I LOVE Emmy Rossum but I have to admit that this pairing with Justin Long seems odd. Long usually takes on roles in rom-com or slapstick comedy films so to see him in a more serious leading role is unusual. He may be trying to expand his range with an indie film such as “Comet” and this unique pairing with Emmy Rossum may be just what he needs to redefine his career.

With “Comet” being about an unlikely pair, the unlikely pairing of these two actors may fit better than most would think. I tend to enjoy these unique type of indie films and I have very good expectations for “Comet.”

How do you feel about this upcoming Justin Long/Emmy Rossum film?