Disney’s International trailer for “Cinderella” reveals the post midnight scenes.

“Cinderella” is a timeless tale and one of Disney’s franchise characters. With the upcoming release of “Into the Woods”, this standalone “Cinderella” film should have an adequate amount of fan momentum prior to its release. In this latest trailer, we see a little bit more of the post climactic moments of the film. Take a look below.

In the first trailer for “Cinderella” we saw a few of the moments we were expecting from the classic tale. In this trailer we see a bit more elaboration when it comes to these moments including extended ball scenes, the unraveling of the carriage, and more of the infamous glass slipper fiasco.

With Marvel and Star Wars being the focus of Disney right now, it’s nice to see they remember their classics. “Maleficent” was a success last year and I expect “Cinderella” to have that same or possibly greater success.

What do you think Disney fans? Will “Cinderella” be on your radar next year?