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Just after being confirmed for the role, Christian Bale bows out for Sony’s Steve Jobs biopic!

Just recently Seth Rogen was confirmed to be set in the part of Steve Wozniak. While Christian Bale was officially confirmed for the role of Steve Jobs, Indie Revolver has reported that he just bailed out. Whether or not this had something to do with the unorthodox casting of Seth Rogen has yet to be determined. However, sources say that Bale left the role after deciding that “he was not right for the part.”

Steve Jobs Christian Bale

Steve Jobs/Christian Bale

It is purely speculation as to whether or not Rogen’s involvement had anything to do with Bale’s departure but the inclusion of Rogen could be a testament to the tone of the film. Christian Bale is a very serious actor and his film resume reinforces this fact. He does not do crude comedy nor does he collaborate with actors that are associated with that genre of film.

We don’t want to start any rumors but working with a crude typecast actor like Seth Rogen would have been a first for Bale, regardless of Sony’s direction for the film. Although, more than likely Bale didn’t like the direction of “Jobs” overall and the inclusion of Seth Rogen had nothing to do with his decision.

With Bale leaving the role of Steve Jobs, Leonardo DiCaprio leaving before him, and David Fincher declining the role of director, it makes me wonder what’s wrong with this film. Aaron Sorkin is the only notable name that has remained on the film since the beginning. Could there be a problem with Sorkin’s writing or is “Jobs” just failing to meet preemptive expectations?

Why do you think Christian Bale left the film?