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How did Christopher Columbus ruin American cinema? Oh wait did you think I meant 1492’s Christopher Columbus?

I apologize to those readers looking for a Christopher Columbus post but this was too funny to not capitalize on. Here are some of the worst films that film icon Chris Columbus (Director, Writer, Producer) has been responsible for!



Monkeybone with Brendan Fraser

This film may be one of the worst films ever made and definitely did not do the cast any favors. Back to back with the film “Bedazzled,” “Monkeybone” could be attributed with killing Brendan Fraser’s career. It was one of the worst scripted and directed films of all time and could be viewed as a stain on everyone’s career who was involved.

Who could possibly invest their time into producing this film? Well it seems like Chris Columbus had some spare time to act as executive producer for this monstrosity. I admit it was a gamble that could have turned in his favor having Director Henry Selick (“Nightmare Before Christmas”) involved but the live action and that form of animation just did not mesh.

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