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UK Comedy ‘Urban Myths’ Pulls Michael Jackson Joseph Fiennes Episode After Family Criticism

Once the image of Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson surfaced, it stirred up a lot of controversy. The UK comedy show titled “Urban Myths” featured many stars portraying famous and infamous public figures but Fiennes role in particular led to many being offended. Now Michael Jackson’s family has spoken out about the portrayal and this has led to Sky Arts pulling the episode from their lineup.

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Jon Bernthal Seen On Set For Netflix Punisher Series

Jon Bernthal has been spotted on set filming Netflix’s upcoming Punisher series. In the photo below we don’t see the clean cut, militant Frank Castle from “Daredevil.” Instead he’s sporting a full beard along with a baggy hoodie and jeans. Take a look at the photo below.

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Review: WWE Clash Of Champions [2016] PPV

Here we are with Raw’s first new Pay-Per-View of the new WWE Era! The show took place in beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana: a perfect and historic setting for a historic night. Raw had big shoes to fill tonight because Smackdown’s latest PPV, “Backlash,” rocked the house a few weeks back and led the charge of the new WWE era in extremely fashionable style.

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This ‘Stranger Things’ ‘Buffy’ Mashup Makes My Heart Happy

Supernatural themes and a strong heroine that saves the day. “Stranger Things” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” share these elements, but one fan took it a step further. In the style of the popular Joss Whedon series, one YouTube fan has compiled quite an intro for the Netflix series. Take a look at this fan’s “Stranger Things/Buffy” mashup below and let the nostalgic feels flow through you!

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Review: WWE Backlash [2016] PPV

Here is Smackdown Live’s first PPV of the new WWE era! Two new champions were crowned tonight, and two champions had to defend their titles against the innovative offenses of their opponents. The build up to the PPV was so-so, but there have been plenty of excellent shows that had terrible build-ups to precede them. Tonight really was a historical night, and what better city to do it in than historic Richmond, Virginia, which I grew up only an hour away from.

As the new brands continue to discover their new and fresh identities, it’s important start off on a strong foot and keep getting stronger and stronger. WWE Fans have dealt with too much indecisiveness and lackluster outcomes for too long, so our abilities that trigger happiness and forgiveness are running along a very thin line. Yes, the brand split has created some interesting pops and exciting storylines, but will it all eventually settle down to the familiar bore we’ve come to loath? Boy I hope not, and tonight is a prime example of why Smackdown is leading the charge that’s going to keep turning up the heat in WWE.

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‘Downton Abbey’ Writer’s Miniseries ‘Doctor Thorne’ Gets Digital Release

From the mind of “Downtown Abbey” writer Julian Fellowes came “Doctor Thorne,” a four part miniseries about a family seeking to regain their fortune. For those that may have missed “Doctor Thorne,” now comes your chance to live through the tale as it makes its digital debut on October 17, 2016. Following its release on digital HD and Starz Digital will be the Anchor Bay DVD release on October 18, 2016.

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Review: WWE SummerSlam [2016] PPV

Tonight, at Money In The Bank, there wasn’t much to write home about. What is my third favorite PPV of the year has been stripped down to a very boring level. It’s not like the card wasn’t great. It actually was, including some matches that I was hesitant about but ended up being quite decent. The main problems I had with the show are either a match was redundant and predictable or just basic in nature. Yes, some of the most anticipated matches were basic and somewhat boring, even though a few of my favorite superstars were featured. I don’t know if it’s because I was personally having an off night/day, but there were very infrequent doses of entertainment tonight, which is very sad to say.

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CW ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Comic Con Trailer Premieres

Between Reverse Flash and Zoom, Barry Allen was pushed to his limits by the end of season 2 on CW’s “The Flash.” Now with the desire to right the tragedies of his past, we see Flash travel back in time to prevent his mother’s death and change the course of history. In the trailer that just premiered at San Diego Comic Con 2016, we see the cost of changing the past and the new battles Barry will have to fight. Take a look at the first trailer for “The Flash” season 3 below.

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale: Littlefinger Could Take the Iron Throne

Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger has remained vigilant on his quest for power and has survived every season without so much as a scratch. That says a lot for a series which thrives on death and tragedy. Throughout the series Petyr Baelish is easily the most enigmatic character in “Game of Thrones.” His intentions are clouded but we do know that he’s on a continual quest for power. In the final episode of season 6, he revealed to Sansa that he wanted the Iron Throne and wanted her as his queen. With Jon taking back the North, Cersei taking the throne for herself, and Daenerys finally on her way to Westeros, could Petyr Baelish be the one who takes the Iron Throne? I wouldn’t discount it as a possibility and let me tell you why.

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