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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer Is A ‘Thriller’ At SDCC

The “Stranger Things” season two trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con and it gave us an in depth preview of what to look forward to. With Will experience residual effects from his time spent in the upside down place, things look a lot more intense than before. As said in the trailer, it sounds like the threat is not focused on him, but instead the entire town. As the trailer closes, we get progressive hints at Eleven’s return and an oddly unique, gooey portal that could be the means for her return.

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Lena Dunham Joins ‘American Horror Story’ Election-Themed Season 7

The Ryan Murphy hit series “American Horror Story” adds a controversial name to its election year based season. Lena Dunham who is known for the HBO series girls and her outspoken voice on social media will be joining the cast for season 7. The casting was confirmed by a tweet from the show’s creator Ryan Murphy.

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ICYMI: Jodie Whittaker is our new Doctor

BBC has officially announced that the new Doctor from the iconic series “Doctor Who” will be played by Jodie Whittaker. Today the BBC has revealed in a video who will play our new Doctor, actress Jodi Whittaker. You can view the trailer here. The last time they recast the Doctor with Peter Capaldi. While he does have his fans many felt it was time for a different approach and were disappointed a woman wasn’t cast. Well the BBC seemed to take that to heart and made the change this time. Jodie Whittaker is best known as one of the leads of “Broadchurch.”

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Squirrel Girl And New Warriors Cast Announced

Freeform’s TV series about Marvel’s New Warriors recently confirmed their cast list alongside fan favorite Squirrel Girl. Playing the role of Squirrel Girl will be “This Is Us” star Milana Vayntrub and she will be joined by many up and coming actors. Showrunner Kevin Biegel was very excited to have acquired this cast and looks forward to establishing a unique tone for the show.

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‘Star Wars Forces of Destiny’ Sneak Peek Highlights Iconic Women In The Films

“Star Wars Forces of Destiny” was recently announced as a new Star Wars animated series that will further the development of some key characters both new and old. With supplemental stories for Rey, Jyn, Ahsoka, Padmè, Sabine, and Leia to name a few, the series will add more context to the characters we’ve grown to know and love from the films. Now with even more sneak peek footage, we can gather information about where, when, and how the stories will take shape.

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Interview: Austin Basis Talks Hulu’s ‘Casual’ And Future Endeavors

Hulu’s hit original series “Casual” is on its third season right now. With its subversive, dark comedy intertwined with relatable drama, it’s become a binge-worthy hit that continually has people talking. While Michaela Watkins and Tommy Dewey have remained the integral driving forces of the show, their journey has led them to introductions of various complex characters. Austin Basis is one of those new characters debuting in season 3 and we had the chance to speak with Austin about his role and the series itself.

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Trailer For ‘Tour de Pharmacy’ Shows Andy Samberg’s Next HBO Mockumentary

As the second sports mockumentary since “7 Days in Hell,” HBO presents Andy Samberg’s next creation “Tour de Pharmacy.” Centered around cycling and the infamous blood doping scandal, this mockumentary takes these elements to an exaggerated level. In addition to an appearance from Lance Armstrong himself, “Tour de Pharmacy” also brings big names like John Cena, Jeff Goldblum, Dolph Lundgren, and Danny Glover to name a few.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 First Full Trailer Prepares Us For War

With only a few months away and the anticipation building, HBO has released the first full trailer for “Game of Thrones” season 7. The trailer highlights the Lannisters preparing for enemies approaching from every direction as well as Daenerys Targaryen finally reaching land. It is implied that an alliance will be formed between Daenerys and Jon Snow, but as we know with “Game of Thrones,” nothing is certain.

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Deadpool Animated Series In The Works; Donald Glover As Executive Producer

Setting course for 2018, FX Networks has ordered an animated series for the popular Marvel character Deadpool. The animated series is being described as “adult action-comedy” which fits right into the character’s persona. Additionally, “Atlanta” star and creator Donald Glover will be serving as the show’s executive producer which FX Networks is wholeheartedly behind.

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Review: ‘Channel Zero’ Scares You With Nostalgia

I realize that this has ALL the warning signs. It’s produced by Max Landis and airs on the SyFy channel, but I’m here to tell you “Channel Zero” is awesome! Like me you may have first noticed “Channel Zero” in those quick little ads before a YouTube video. While house sitting for my brother I took the opportunity to work the series since it was only 6 episodes long. It’s based on creepypasta stories from the internet, one per season to be exact. This first season is based on “Candle Cove.”

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Donald Trump First 100 Days Gets Spoofed By ‘The Simpsons’

There is a lot of controversy surrounding President Donald Trump and his actions in office. But with his recent first 100 days being the next target of scrutiny, it’s not just news outlets taking aim. Now with season 28 of “The Simpsons” underway, the trailer for their more recent episode targets the President’s first 100 days in usual humorous fashion. And it’s not just Donald Trump that is targeted in this trailer, so is his staff. Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, and Steve Bannon are also victims of “The Simpsons” parody.

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