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‘Westworld’ Season 2 SDCC Trailer Arrives For HBO 2018 Lineup

“Westworld” ended leaving us with many questions. With the first trailer for the second season of the HBO hit series hitting San Diego Comic Con this weekend, we still have questions but now accompanied with anticipation. Many of the characters are still making their rounds in the fictional western amusement park, but we don’t know what they’re up to. Given the nature of the show, I’m sure that we will pretty much be waiting until the show’s premiere until we get any concrete answers.

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ SDCC Trailer Is More Exciting Than The First

The trailer that debuted for ““Thor: Ragnarok” was intense but San Diego Comic Con took it to the next level. With Hall H premiering the second trailer for the film, we get to see a lot more of Hulk and Thor along with stronger context for the story. While the Avengers may have been busy with Earth problems, a whole lot of craziness has been going on in Asgard.

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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Trailer Is A ‘Thriller’ At SDCC

The “Stranger Things” season two trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con and it gave us an in depth preview of what to look forward to. With Will experience residual effects from his time spent in the upside down place, things look a lot more intense than before. As said in the trailer, it sounds like the threat is not focused on him, but instead the entire town. As the trailer closes, we get progressive hints at Eleven’s return and an oddly unique, gooey portal that could be the means for her return.

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‘Justice League’ Trailer Sneak Peek Debuts At SDCC

San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H debuted the next “Justice League” trailer that revealed quite a few details. There’s more coverage of the lesser known on screen heroes like Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg, as well as a reveal of their main adversary Steppenwolf. While some instances are brief, they definitely provide an ample amount of foreshadowing for what’s to come.

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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Trailer 2 Brings On More Cameos

Showing off more cameos and even more action, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” takes notice in this second full featured trailer. Taron Egerton of course leads the pack but this time around we see more coverage of his collaborations with newcomers like Channing Tatum and Halle Berry. And to top it off, the umbrella gunfight team up with Colin Firth just has me thrilled for the character’s return

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Trailer For ‘Another Wolfcop’ Arrives In Epic Fashion!

Lou Garou is ready to kick some ass and consume mass quantities of liquor and doughnuts in “Another Wolfcop.” From Director Lowell Dean brings a new chapter to the cult action-horror hit “Wolfcop” with a touch of a holiday theme. As we see in the trailer, things get a bit more bloody and a lot more action-packed as the character continues his journey as our favorite Lycan police officer.

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‘A Bad Mom’s Christmas’ Trailer Gives A Holiday Spin To The Original

Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn return for “A Bad Mom’s Christmas,” the anticipated sequel to “Bad Moms.” In this not safe for work trailer, we see that the parents have flourished as friends and their other relationships have blossomed, but when it comes to the holidays things go into total disarray. When the parents of the parents show up for the holidays,
things become even more hectic as they obviously disapprove of their children’s behavior.

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‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Trailer Takes The Bellas Worldwide

“Pitch Perfect 3” may reach blockbuster status with a diverse setting and literally explosive moments throughout.
They’ve been to college and they’ve followed their ambition upon graduation. This time around they’re coping with the mediocrity of finding their career which leads them towards reuniting for a USO show.

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‘To The Bone’ Trailer Highlights A Socially Relevant Topic

“To The Bone” brings attention to anorexia as Ellen (Lily Collins), a young woman coping with the disease, finds hope through an unconventional doctor (Keanu Reeves) and a group of others suffering from eating disorders. Making its way to Netflix in July, this is a film that has potential to bring attention to the disease as well as Lily Collins for her devotion to a physically challenging role.

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