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Interview: Kim Coates Talks ‘Adventure Club’ And Leaving ‘Sons of Anarchy’ In His ‘Rear View Mirror’

You probably know him from “Sons of Anarchy” with his role as Tig Trager, but Kim Coates has been in the industry for quite some time and carries a lot of diversity with his projects. We touched a bit on “Sons of Anarchy” and if we’d ever see him return to the role for the Kurt Sutter spinoff, but we also discussed a change of pace with his role in the family film “Adventure Club.” Read more below to understand why and how Kim Coates is such a talented individual.

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Exclusive: Andrey Ivchenko Talks ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’ And His Villainous Role

Andrey Ivchenko is an intimidating individual and a man of many talents. Growing up in the Ukraine he was a dreamer with a passion for theater and bodybuilding. In addition to exercising his body, he also exercises his mind with a Masters Degree in Kinesiology. This well-rounded individual is quite an unstoppable force and proves to be in “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” as the villainous Red Erik. Check out the trailer below and what he had to say about the role!

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Exclusive: Burt Dalton Talks ‘Deepwater Horizon’ Special Effects & CGI Versus Practical

After leaving college with another goal in mind, Burt Dalton found success. While he claims he “fell into” special effects, an Oscar win and 2 nominations would lead us to believe he was destined for greatness. With the recent digital release of “Deepwater Horizon,” we had the chance to discuss Burt’s work on this film. From the balance of practical versus CGI effects, Burt weighed in on how he was able to make these real events come to life on the big screen. We also have a chance to talk about the future of the special effects industry with the fast-paced evolution of technology.

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Exclusive: Google’s Alan Eustace Talks ’14 Minutes From Earth’ With Director Jerry Kolber

Mankind has had a continuous desire to explore beyond our own world. But when it comes to the documentary “14 Minutes From Earth,” they question why we aren’t exploring what’s directly in front of us. As former Senior VP of Google Alan Eustace decided he wanted to jump from the stratosphere back to Earth, Director Jerry Kolber visually documented this adventure. We had the chance to speak with them both about the death-defying feat and the journey to making it happen.

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Exclusive: Why You Should Be Following Tommy Davidson And ‘Vacation Creation’

A few years ago I ran into actor/comedian Tommy Davidson in line at a coffee shop. I’ve met quite a few celebrities but he was one that always stood out for me. Trying not to be too intrusive, I quickly shared a few words of praise. Remembering an “In Living Color” sketch that my family and I hysterically laughed at, I praised his talent and left it at that. Rather than a simple thank you, he turned around and engaged in conversation. He spent the time to ask about me and my family and seemed genuinely interested. Since then, that moment stood out as one of my favorite celebrity encounters.

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Interview: James Sadwith, director of ‘Coming Through the Rye’

Hey what’s up everybody?

This is Matt Brunhofer from FilmFad, and this week Emmy-award winning director James Sadwith’s first first feature film, “Coming Through the Rye,” opened in New York on Friday, October 14th, and will open in Los Angeles on Friday, October 21st.

I got the chance to interview Sadwith himself, and I talked to him about how he got his start in the business and how he brought his true story, about his journey to find J.D. Salinger, to the big screen.

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Interview: Alex Wolff, star of ‘Coming Through the Rye’

Hey what’s up everybody?

This is Matt Brunhofer from FilmFad, and this week the latest Alex Wolff drama, “Coming Through the Rye,” opened in New York on Friday, October 14th, and it will open in Los Angeles on Friday, October 21st.

And I got the chance to interview Alex Wolff, and I talked to him about how he prepared for the role, what it was like working with an Emmy-award winning director, and if, like the film’s protagonist, he learned anything along the emotional journey that is “Coming Through the Rye.”

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