princess leia catcalling

The controversial “catcalling” video gets a hilarious “Star Wars” twist!

The original “catcalling” video definitely stirred up controversy. It filmed a woman walking the streets of New York for a 10 hour period to show men approaching her and/or commenting as she walked by. With all of the media coverage surrounding the video, of course there were going to be some parodies. Out of all of the parodies, I think that this “Star Wars” parody is the most clever and funny. Take a look below.

When it comes to things that have been overly publicized and stir up controversy, it’s always nice to have a parody to calm the storm of arguments. I found this parody to be one of the most hilariously, well done parodies that I have seen in awhile. It could be that I am a die hard “Star Wars” fan or that I love adding fuel to the fire…or maybe a little of both. Either way I think that most people will find this video humorous based on the mix of mainstream topics and pop culture.

For those unfamiliar with the “catcalling” video, here is the original video below.