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[Source: Bloody Disgusting]

Groovy! Bruce Campbell is said to be coming back to the “Evil Dead” for a starring role in a television series. While the sound of a TV series may be disappointing for some, studios may be looking at this as a launching vessel for other feature films that tie into the “Evil Dead” trilogy.

There isn’t a solid confirmation that Bruce Campbell will be bringing back his boomstick as Ash, but if he’s starring in the series, I don’t see how he could not play that role. If you saw last year’s remake of “Evil Dead” then you may remember the clip at the end of the film where a shadowy Bruce makes a cameo saying the word “Groovy.” With that and his tweet below, I’d say that’s a pretty definite answer.

For some reason, I’m actually more excited for a TV series than a film. What are your thoughts?