Brandon Routh -
[Source: TV Line]

Superman is coming to the CW show Arrow! Well not Superman exactly, but Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) is set to play an integral role in the upcoming season. Brandon Routh is set to play the role of Ray Palmer, aka DC Comics’ The Atom. Much like the Marvel Comics’ hero Hank Pym aka Ant-Man, The Atom has the ability to alter the size of his body and other objects.

Arrow Atom -
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I’m not sure how Ray Palmer/The Atom will fit into the show but I am excited to see the series making viewers aware of other DC characters. Arrow has already been the launching point for the upcoming TV series The Flash, but based on the success of the show it could be a launching point for a variety of spin-offs. I’m very curious to see how the inclusion of The Atom will play out and I’m very interested to see Brandon Routh playing a superhero once again. Arrow has far exceeded my expectations and with the variety of other DC series coming to The CW, the fall lineup is looking quite promising.