Jamie Chung Psylocke

Jamie Chung as X-Men’s Psylocke? Yes please!

Big Hero 6 star Jamie Chung recently did an interview with Comic Book Resources where she discussed her role in “Big Hero 6” and her desire to take on live action superhero roles. While she described many X-Men characters that she loved growing up, she ultimately expressed Psylocke as her favorite character.

…growing up, “X-Men” was my favorite Marvel property. It was Wolverine and Cyclops. I’ve always wanted to play a Jubilee or a Storm or a Jean Grey, the Phoenix series was amazing, and I was so intrigued with Mystique. But ultimately I thought the coolest character was Psylocke. I really wanted to be Psylocke.
And there’s not really been a definitive film version of Psylocke.
No. Hopefully they’ll bring her into something. But I think the fans — I kind of put it out in the universe, and the fans, some are like, “Oh my God, that would be amazing.” And the other fans are like, “No, that’s so wrong casting. She needs to be British. She needs to be this and that!” And so I just put it out there for fun.

Jamie Chung’s expressed interest in the role of Psylocke is probably the beginning of another fan favorite movement. There are few times when fans actually decide the casting of a character unless it’s a clear choice (Patrick Stewart). Do I want Jamie Chung as Psylocke…you bet I do!

Jamie Chung has made quite the transition from reality TV star to film personality. Her roles have been minor for awhile but after her recent casting in “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” and “Big Hero 6,” she may see a rise in star power. Is she Oscar caliber? Definitely not. Is she “X-Men” caliber? I think so.

Psylocke's risque costume

Psylocke’s risque costume

She may not be the best suited for the part in terms of acting (she’s adequate) but as far as the physicality goes, Jamie Chung can definitely pull off the costume. With superhero adapted characters, the physical aspect is very important. It would be hard to take Captain America or the Hulk seriously if they had a beer gut and the same applies for many other superheroes.

Jamie Chung has my vote for Psylocke, even if it’s just wishful fanboy thinking.

What do you think of Jamie Chung as Psylocke?