Ben Affleck Batman -
[Source: Superhero Hype]

San Diego Comic Con is full of surprises and they just keep coming. Today they had Ben Affleck’s mask and cowl on display for his role in “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” and a photo of Ben Affleck sporting that attire. Take a look at the image below.

Ben Affleck Batman -

It’s been discussed before but the suit has an apparent similarity to Frank Miller’s Batman comic, “The Dark Knight Returns.” In that comic, Batman is aged and worn much like the character Ben Affleck is meant to play.

The Dark Knight Returns -

Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns

Despite the backlash of casting Ben Affleck as Batman, I think that he is well suited to play the part from a visual perspective. The most notable thing that people criticize when it comes to the Batman look is the chin of the character. From the San Diego Comic Con photo, Ben Affleck looks like he fills the mask out very well. He doesn’t look as aged as the Batman he was obviously inspired from but he does look grizzled and battle worn.

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” but I’m guessing that it will stay that way to keep the fans at bay. They are releasing little tidbits of media so that they can gauge how people are responding and also so they don’t give the public too much fuel to start a fire. Giving us media in doses is a smart play at this moment in the film’s development and I expect there not to be too many revelations as the film is being made.