Believe Me Nick Offerman -

“Believe Me” is a film that features many fan favorite TV personalities and stars Alex Russell (“Chronicle”) who has been under the radar lately. “Parks and Recreation” alum Nick Offerman also has a role in the film. The trailer depicts a film related to the mockery of Christianity for capital gains.

There are many films that have taken a comedic stance in regards to religion but “Believe Me” infuses the comedic aspect with a more lucrative perspective. Take a look at the trailer below.

Maybe it is the controversy surrounding religious satires but I always seem to enjoy them. “Believe Me” seems to follow suit with its comedic play on the dark side of religion by showing how charismatic salesmen can capitalize on public spirituality.

This film seems like one that is going to pass under the radar but has potential for many fans of the cast. Besides the star (Alex Russell), Zachary Knighton (“Happy Endings”) and Nick Offerman (“Parks & Recreation”) could easily provide a cult following given their popularity with their TV characters. I think this may be one of those films to keep an eye on if you are someone who enjoys darker comedies.