Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice

UPDATE: We just added the HD Version of the trailer below!!

If you can’t wait for it, we’ve got the leaked “Batman V Superman” trailer here!

Zack Snyder promised us the official Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer on April 20, but honestly who can wait that long? Thanks to this thing called “the internet,” a low-res version of the trailer has leaked and is here for your viewing pleasure. Take a peek below!

It’s an interesting plot to say the least. There are a lot of real world applicable events that are going on here. People worshiping Superman as a God while others are calling him a false prophet. Then of course there’s the fear of one man having too much power and how he should use that power.

It seems like Batman aka Ben Affleck goes to work as the caped crusader fueled by anger of Superman’s presence and having too much power. This mentality falls right in line with the Batman that we’ve come to know from the comic books. He’s logical, angry, and fearless which despite his lack of powers, makes him a formidable opponent against Superman.

So what does the trailer for “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” tell us about the film outside of the obvious? We know that Batman and Superman are pitted against one another but will there be some metaphorical meaning behind their battle as well? Maybe Batman represents the free will of the people while Superman represents a mechanism that is halting that free will in the name of “the greater good.” I foresee this film being a lot more than a comic book film which could be bad for the purest type of fans but an interesting perspective for the average movie-goer. We may not get the boyscout Superman that everyone desires, but I’m guessing that a lot more viewers will be pleased by the cinematic quality of this film over the previous film, “Man of Steel.”

What do you think this trailer says about “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?”