Batman V Superman

The “Batman V Superman” credits have leaked and revealed some details!

While it’s disappointing to hear that Man of Steel star Henry Cavill isn’t getting top dollar, it’s not surprising. While Batman V Superman does have Batman listed first in its title, it is “technically” a sequel to “Man of Steel.” But with Cavill being so new to the Hollywood scene, it’s no surprise that Ben Affleck gets the top dollar.

Batman V Superman Credits

No Ezra Miller? Does this mean no Flash?

As you can see in the credits for the film above, Ben Affleck is listed as the top actor in the credit roll. Based on this we can speculate that his screen time will be equally shared with Henry Cavill given his billing and the title of the film. Interestingly enough though, we don’t see Ezra Miller listed who has been cast as the Flash and was expected to make some sort of appearance in the film. On the other hand, we also don’t see Jason Momoa in the credits even though he is confirmed to be in the film.

What does this mean for The Flash and Aquaman? What I think it means is that their roles will strictly be limited appearances towards the end of the film (if we even see Miller). This should play out well for the film if this is the case. Too many characters usually leads to trouble and hopefully the film will maintain focus on the “Batman V Superman” subject matter which may serve as a launching point for the future Justice League film.

So while fans may not have the massive integration of all of their favorite Justice League members, let’s hope that Ben Affleck truly earns his paycheck when going toe-to-toe with Henry Cavill’s Superman. Whether it be Superman annihilating Batman or vice-versa, I’m sure we will all have an extraordinary experience during the process.

Do you think the credits have revealed anything big for “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice?”