Baltimore Comic Con - 2015 - Recap - is back home and awash with fond memories, new friends and comic book mementos from the 2015 Baltimore Comic Con.

That’s right! From September 25th through September 27th, the Baltimore Convention Center (and Inner Harbor) was alive with a celebration of pop culture, art, science fiction, comics and hordes of gloriously colorful cosplayers.

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The seemingly unending hordes of adulated attendees spilled across the comic laden spanse of the Baltimore Convention center, riddled with Celebrity guests, Comic Creators, Artists, Comic Book retailers and much more.

Celebrity guests included the fantastic Paul Blackthorne who plays Quentin Lance in CW’s “Arrow,”Katie Cassidy who plays Black Canary/Laurel Lance in CW’s Arrow, Edward James Olmos from “Battlestar Galactica,” Mig Na-Wen who plays Agent Melinda May on ABC’s “Marvl’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.” and on.

The celebrity didn’t stop with those special guests, as the artist alley featured a few prominent artists from major comic books and animated television series. One notable artist being Jim Starlin, Marvel artist and creator of Thanos, Gamora and Adam Warlock. Like many of the other artists, Starlin is not only gifted with the pen, but also an all-around interesting and down to earth guy (who happens to create out of this world characters). Other artists included Kyle Reiner Green Lantern creator Ron Marz, modern day Superman origin creator Mark Waid (Superman: Birthright) and so many more!


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No convention is complete without a slew of panels ranging from Light Saber Training with Jedi Master Jongal to Q&A’s with the likes of Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy to creating your very own superhero symbol, and Baltimore Comic Con had a taste of each. One notable panel contained a certain Paul Blackthorne of the “Arrow” who regaled panel attendees with Huntress fantasies, text conversations about John Barrowman’s Balls and the bro-out between Detective Lance and Oliver Queen in “Arrow” season 4.

The convention adulation didn’t end there, as Baltimore stands out in the convention circuit by focusing on the hardcore comic book aspect. More than other east coast conventions of the past year, Baltimore has managed to cram in countless comic book and collectable vendors, remaining one of the less commercialized conventions.

The crown jewel of the convention had to be the epically colorful cosplayers. FilmFad took note of the brilliantly creative assortment of costumed fanfare both in our picture gallery as well as FilmFad’s first ever Baltimore Comic Con ReCap video (Check it out at the top of the post).


Paul Blackthorne - BCC2015 - Arrow -

FilmFad interviews Paul Blackthorne (“Arrow”). had the pleasure of personally chatting with Paul Blackthorne who plays Detective Quentin Lance in CW’s DC television property, “Arrow.” You can watch Paul Blackthorne’s full interview here.


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