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Why The Twist Ending Of ‘Split’ Is Quietly Revolutionary

So I thought I’d give it some time to make sure plenty of the readers have had a chance to see the movie “Split.” It is a M. Night Shyamalan film and like most of his films there is a twist ending and I have A LOT to say about it. So If you have not seen the film “Split” yet then just keep right moving in your trek across the internet, but feel free to come back after you’ve seen it. Oh and if it somehow wasn’t obvious… SPOILER ALERT

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Review: “Fist Fight” Is A Morally Confused Mess

“Fist Fight” is something I somehow seemed to miss in terms of all the marketing, so I honestly had no idea what to expect. Still I tried to give it a fair shot. It didn’t exactly work out for me. This is the sort of film I can see being divided clearly across lines of critics and “normal” viewers. Only time will tell with that, but until then let me try my best to explain why “Fist Fight” didn’t work for me.

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ICYMI: “Samurai Jack” Season 5 Trailer Debuts

Cartoon Network has released a trailer for the new hotly anticipated 5th season of “Samurai Jack”. One thing to remember, this is not a reboot or re-imagining of the 2001 series, this is a continuation. Fans will be happy to see the Phil LaMarr (“Pulp Fiction,” “Futurama,” “TMNT (2012),” “Justice League”) is returning to voice Jack. Also returning is series creator Genndy Tartakovsky (“Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Hotel Transylvania”) as executive producer.

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Should We CGI Dead Actors?

Another year another new controversy has sprang up in Hollywood, should we CGI Actors? A long time ago I remember a book that I borrowed over and over from the school library was about special effects in film. The very end had a section what the future may hold with what can be done with computers. Maybe one day Marilyn Monroe could act again in films. I hadn’t thought about that book in many years. Like the old saying goes, the future is now!

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The Top 4 Maybe/Maybe Not Christmas Movies

We all know the Christmas classics and specials we all watch. We even have a lot of unconventional Christmas movies like “Gremlins”, “Die Hard”, etc. But what about the movies you’re not sure about or that you never see on these kinds of lists? Well making a a normal list, but filling it with out there stuff is kinda more calling on this site so let’s begin another list.

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Film Fad On YouTube

Blu Ray Unboxing: Moonlight (Currently nominated for Oscar Best Picture)

Blu-Ray Unboxing: Nerdland starring Paul Rudd, Patton Oswalt & Hannibal Buress is Cringeworthy

Blu Ray Unboxing: Dreamworks' Trolls Starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick

Blu Ray Unboxing: Manchester By The Sea Starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams

Mike McFarland Voice of Master Roshi "Dragon Ball Z" Q&A Discussion Panel

BAM Anime and Toy Show Cosplay Recap Video

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