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The Top 4 Maybe/Maybe Not Christmas Movies

We all know the Christmas classics and specials we all watch. We even have a lot of unconventional Christmas movies like “Gremlins”, “Die Hard”, etc. But what about the movies you’re not sure about or that you never see on these kinds of lists? Well making a a normal list, but filling it with out there stuff is kinda more calling on this site so let’s begin another list.

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Top 4 Mysteries From ‘Star Trek The Next Generation’

While I am really excited for “Star Trek: Discovery” TNG will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a show I distinctly remember my family gathering around the tv to watch together growing up. I also happen to think TNG has one of the best series finales ever. Though with a show as vast as it was it could never tie up all of the loose ends. As a result there are a lot of things I still wonder about the show. Here are my mysteries I still wonder about. I realize some (if not all) of these may have answers in the tie-in material but I really only follow the movies and shows so that’s what matters to me. Let’s get started.

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Eric’s Guide To Watching The ‘Dirty Harry’ Series

As you can imagine I came into this series knowing only the spoofs. However, I saw them and legitimately became a fan. Now what I’ve always said about the “Dirty Harry” series is that a not so good “Dirty Harry” flick is still better than a majority of action films. Technically speaking, I recommend them all. So instead of my usual practice of ordering these from best to worst I’m just going to go chronologically. Let’s begin, punks!

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