Anna Kendrick Last Five Years

Anna Kendricks sings in this trailer for the musical adaptation of “The Last Five Years.”

With the release of the trailer for “The Last Five Years” and “Into the Woods” just around the corner, Anna Kendrick is easily becoming Hollywood’s go to girl for musical adaptations. With the big screen success of “Pitch Perfect” showcasing Anna Kendrick’s vocal talents, it’s no surprise that she’s starring in so many musical roles. Listen to her vocal talents in the trailer for “The Last Five Years” below.

Hollywood is starting to see the value in musical theater and it makes sense. If you look at the success and ticket sales of touring Broadway productions, it seems like an untapped resource. The shows consistently sell out and people pay top dollar for their seats. With stars like Anna Kendrick tied to popular musical productions like “The Last Five Years” I’m sure that there is a market for film adaptations.

Will Anna Kendrick find niche success in these film adaptations?