AMC’s “Preacher” gives us a teaser of what’s to come with the first trailer.

Garth Ennis wowed readers with his controversial comic book series “Preacher.” Now with the success of The Walking Dead, I can see why AMC has chosen to adapt “Preacher” into its lineup, but can it please the fans of the comic book? Hopefully this trailer will give fans a positive outlook on the upcoming series next year.



Jesse Custer from the comic book series.

With Seth Rogen set to adapt the series many have questioned how the show will progress. Will this be a close adaptation to the “Preacher” comic book or will Rogen venture off into more humorous territory? The first thing that I noticed from the trailer is Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer. It’s tough to see the character portrayed as someone with shorter hair given his well known mullet in the comic book series, but it’s hardly the time to start “judging a book by its cover.” Some fans may be a bit resilient to the notable change but if the portrayal is accurate then I’m sure many will grow into acceptance.

The other thing that I noticed is the darker tone of the series which gives myself a bit of hope in regards to Seth Rogen taking control. The trailer is almost absent of any humor and the flashes of violence and other characters foreshadow a potential win for AMC. While the choice of Seth Rogen may have some reluctant about this adaptation, AMC’s track record for quality TV may outweigh those concerns after seeing this trailer.

The series is set for release in 2016 with Dominic Cooper and Joseph Gilgun in the leading roles of Jesse Custer and Cassidy. Ruth Negga is set to play the love interest Tulip while “Weeds” star Elizabeth Perkins will have a prominent role as Vyla.

What did you think of the “Preacher” trailer?