American Horror Story Freakshow Breasts

“American Horror Story: Freakshow” mixes freaks and sex in their pilot episode.

Ryan Murphy has proven himself as a versatile talent through his various projects. One constant that he’s had throughout his projects has been sexual exploration and with “American Horror Story: Freakshow” he’s taken things to a new level.

While I enjoyed the pilot episode, I thought it would be both fun and interesting to explore some of the over the top sexual moments throughout the pilot. Here are the sexual moments throughout the first episode. Be warned, spoilers ahead!

Bette & Dot Tattler’s opposing views on masterbation.

American Horror Story Freakshow

Masterbating Conjoined Twins

If the conjoined twins weren’t interesting enough, their opposing personalities make the characters even more interesting. When they are first introduced they immediately discuss their shared vagina which of course leads to a discussion of mutual yet nonconsensual masterbation. One twin expresses her love of masterbation and her sister’s unwilling love of it as well despite her opposition. Interestingly enough, this moment of sex did create a memorable moment of character development.

Jimmy Darling’s “dick fingers.”

Jimmy Darling American Horror Story Freakshow

Jimmy Darling is “Dick Fingers”

Evan Peters brings the “Cards Against Humanity” card “Dick Fingers” to life with his character of Jimmy Darling. Just after the twins discussed their masterbatory adventures, Jimmy Darling is found in a house of women lining up to sexually experience his disfigured anomaly of a hand. They could have left things to the imagination after describing the situation but instead Ryan Murphy pushed sexual limits by having Darling “perform” on a woman exhibited through orgasmic noises and a thrusting arm. This moment added to the cringe-worthy, uneasiness of the show.

The Strange Orgy Footage

American Horror Story Freakshow

Odd orgy footage?

There is a moment when Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) shows a footage reel of the Freakshow acts engaging in what appears to be an orgy. While particular sex acts cannot be made out from the footage, it insinuates a few things that can be left to the imagination. The reel itself seems to be being used as a form of blackmail against the participants of the show to encourage them not to ever leave.

More to come…

American Horror Story Freakshow

A triad of breasts

While Angela Bassett may have not appeared in the first episode, she was shown in the previews for the upcoming season during the credits. Her character will add even more to the sexual dynamic that Ryan Murphy has created for “American Horror Story: Freakshow.” As Desiree Dupree, she will have a triad of breasts that seem to be used in a sexually alluring way throughout the season. Outside of her obvious sexual advances previewed, they also hinted at other Freakshow acts having a sexual interest in her anomaly. Who knows what Angela Bassett’s character will bring to the show this season.

One thing that is for certain is that Ryan Murphy will continue to bring his A-game in this series. Although “American Horror Story: Freakshow” is already riddled with sex, the sex does serve a purpose with a type of shock-and-awe value. Outside of the exotically obscure moments of sexual exploration, the show is already looking like a great show to get audiences in the mood for the Halloween season. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the series.

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