Agent Peggy Carter

Will Marvel’s “Agent Carter” keep the TV momentum going?

I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with the amazing reveal on Agents of Shield’s midseason finale (no spoilers), I am starting to get just as excited with their TV properties. Enter Agent Peggy Carter into the mix. You may remember her as the kickass British Army officer/ Strategic Scientific Reserve agent (SSR) and Steve Rodgers’ love interest in the “Captain America: The First Avenger.” The question is how will she fit into the Cinematic universe? Not much is known but we do know Howard Stark will play some role in the miniseries and it will have an effect on “The Agents of Shield” and “Age of Ultron” to some degree. The clip doesn’t give you much in the way of plot but you do get a sense of Agent Carter if you forgot what a presence Hayley Atwell has on screen.

So what do you think? How will Agent Carter play into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Are you excited about Agent Carter? Oh and the “Agents of Shield” reveal, is your mind blown???